A Place for Hope

Safety in our bodies and trust in our selves and others

can be fostered and restored.

Welcome, my name is Rachel and I am a Humanistic Counsellor.


All of you is worthy and welcome here.

I don't believe that you need fixing.

You have enough dictation and pressure from our external environment

that has led to a deep lack of trust in yourself and your capabilities.

Here, you have agency in our work together. We'll go at your pace.

I offer a nurturing environment where you'll feel accepted, truly heard, deeply respected and witnessed. You'll have an encouraging companion as we collaborate to support you to navigate towards a healthier and more authentic way of being with yourself and the world. I'll hold a secure space as we work together to move through and increase your tolerance to difficult emotions, whilst addressing the inner critic and turmoil

by cultivating practices of self-compassion.

There are no pre-requisites to the right to invest in your journey, to move towards experiencing peace, joy, love and wholeness.

Under the right conditions, you can heal, grow and thrive.