Rachel Tam Nguyen

About Me

Hi, I'm Rachel. I am an MBACP registered Integrative Therapist.

In simpler terms, I believe that we all have an innate capacity and longing to grow, to reach our potential and express ourselves authentically. I work with the whole-being in regard and take your environment into consideration. I am an advocate for self-compassion and healthier ways to relate to ourselves and others. I believe that under the right conditions we all can heal, grow and thrive.

I studied and completed my training at the University of Nottingham in 2013. I was inspired and intrigued about the process and practice after going through therapy during my early adult years at college. Therefore, I understand what a challenging journey it can be to move towards health, a journey that I am still devoted to. I have witnessed first-hand the value and positive impact therapy can have on one's life as well as having witnessed many people lead better and more fufilling lives.

I have since worked with children and adults, offering both 1:1 support and facilitated groups; in schools, mental health charities and drug and alcohol recovery centres alongside my own private practice to improve their emotional and mental well-being. I am passionate about personal and professional development. And I diligently dedicate time to grow my knowledge and understanding.

I am particularly interested in developmental trauma and how the lack of attunement and awareness from our caregivers during our formative early years impact our style of relating.

I am currently also an honorary counsellor at Amy's Place under The Amy Winehouse Foundation, supporting women in recovery from substance misuse.